In a car accident? Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in San Diego or the surrounding Southern California area, visit San Diego Car accident attorney. He focuses his practice on representing those injured by the actions of others who negligently caused an accident thereby causing injuries to the passengers of the other vehicle or even worse, pedestrians.

Be sure not to talk to any insurance adjusters (even from your own insurance company), sign any papers or give recorded statements until you visit the site. Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic and nerve racking. You don’t know what to do, you have to worry about seeing a doctor, receiving medical treatment, and then figure out how to pay for it.

If you need help navigating all of that, you need to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer will answer all of your questions, take over the all correspondence with the insurance companies, help you receive the right medical care and help you figure out how to pay for it.

If you need help:

  1. To get your car fixed
  2. Figuring out how you to pay for your medical bills
  3. What to do after missing work
  4. Piece your life together.

Then schedule a consultation.

Getting into a crash is a very stressful situation that would overwhelm anyone, not just you. A car accident attorney will answer all questions you have, take over communications with the insurance adjusters, and handle your claim so you can relax and concentrate on recovering.

Has your landlord shifted American Disabilities Act liability to you?

The American With Disabilities Act is a civil rights law, designed to prevent discrimination against the disabled. Although passed with good intentions, the application of the act has proven controversial, opportunistic for some plaintiffs (and their lawyers), and for some small businesses, very costly. It is a federal act but gives great leeway to states […]

A proper buy-sell agreement for your San Diego small business

If you own a company with anyone other than your spouse, you need a buy sell agreement. Also called a buyout agreement, or a business pre-nupt. A proper buy-sell agreement, will protect all business owners when one of the co-owners wants to leave the company. It will protect the remaining business owners as well as […]

Incorporate your business too … avoid an IRS audit?

According to a IRS statistics, those who incorporate their business is 10 times less likely to be audited than those who run a business and report that income on a Schedule C form. Schedule C is for sole proprietors who report that income directly to their personal 1040 tax form. Now, correlation does not equal […]

When Do I Incorporate My Company?

As soon as possible. If you are starting up a small business and plan to incorporate sooner or later, than it should be sooner. There are some pitfalls that you must watch out for if you do not incorporate early. If there is more than one founder, you should definitely incorporate early. Partnerships are generally […]

A sole shareholder is not an “employer”

A California Court of Appeals has determined that being a sole shareholder does not make you an employer. This is important for cases involving the California Family Rights Act because recovery under that act is only available from the employer. The employer in that case being the corporation. Plaintiffs argue that the shareholder should also […]

S-Corporation Explained

Most people have heard of an S-Corporation or an S-Corp, but not many people really know what it really is and more importantly, what it isn’t. I get asked a lot by potential clients, if I can form an S-Corp for them. I have to inform them that you do not form an S-Corp, you […]

S-Corporations and the low salary-high profit trick

A lot of small business owners seek the services of an incorporation lawyer looking to form an S-corporation.  Mainly for two reasons, limiting liability and tax advantages. They don’t know the specifics, they just know this is what S-Corps provide, and they want it. One “trick” or technique that a lot of tax professionals promote, […]

Congress repeals tax rule that would have harmed small businesses

Last year a tax provision was passed that would require all businesses to file a tax form for anyone they did more than $600 worth of business with each year.  Yes. That means if your small business bought a software program for $601, you had to issue this form (called a 1099) to the software […]

Is your business current with all license, permit and fee requirements?

Make sure your business is in compliance with the many fee, license and permit requirements that every small business must review Is your small business compliant with the many licenses, permits and fees required of all business operating in San Diego?  Due to the never ending bureaucracy and duplicative rules, regulations and procedures, it is […]

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